14 decisions of the Social Chamber of the Court of Cassation of September 25th, 2013:


In one of its judgments, number 12-12883, the Court of Cassation firmly and probably definitively ruled on the notions of anxiety and upheaval injury in the conditions of existence affecting the employees:


• Beneficiaries of the ACAATA (Allocation de Cessation d'Activité des Travailleurs de l'Amiante or allowance for the cessation of professional activity of the asbestos workers)

• Who do not suffer from any pathology caused by asbestos

• Who worked in companies listed by an “arrêté ministériel”

• During a period when these companies were making or processing asbestos or materials containing asbestos



The Court of Cassation has hence decided that the “compensation allowed for an injury of anxiety redresses all the psychological disorders including those linked to the upheaval in the conditions of existence”.



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